The MGB ICON Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events

The calendar shows when our Club meets for various activities. We strive to keep the calendar up to date. Generally speaking, we meet on Thursday nights to work on the layout, while Saturdays are usually reserved for train operations (some might call this "playing"). This being said, the unwritten rule for Saturdays is to have fun. So on Saturdays, if someone feels like it would be more fun to work on the railroad rather than operate a train, then we say "go for it".

You can also find out when we go Train Watching and holding an Open House. Work Sessions are a great time to meet and see how the layout is built. Operating Sessions are the perfect time to come and run trains and learn all about operating sessions.

Visitors are always welcome during any of these times (Thursdays or Saturdays), but please contact us before hand, so that we'll be expecting you.